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Swati Mishra
Swati MishraUpdated 2 months ago

An easy-to-use Windows automation tool

TinyTask is one of the most useful tools for Windows users, especially the ones who are often troubled by repetitive tasks. With this free Windows automation tool, you can easily record and repeat actions. The program lets you record processes, which can be used as macros with the click of a button. As the name suggests, the app is lightweight and doesn’t require more than a few seconds for installation. In fact, it doesn’t even require coding or scripting for automating processes. With the TinyTask download, you can save a good amount of your time, directly impacting your efficiency and productivity.

Automate repetitive processes within a couple of clicks

TinyTask is a straightforward, simple, and easy to use application. Like complicated programs, this one doesn’t require you to possess technical skills or scripting knowledge. With this lightweight application, you can easily automate tasks on PCs. All you need to do is record the screen, and the app automatically creates a specific macro. Post this, you can easily repeat the action anytime. Like MacroMaker, TinyTask comes with a single screen, which features an intuitive and simple interface.

How to use TinyTask?

As mentioned earlier, with the intuitive, simple, and clean interface, anyone can start using the application instantly. In order to create macros, you don’t require any experience. Additionally, since the app is unobtrusive, the small window keeps running in the background. As such, you can continue to focus on other important tasks. Everything has been displayed in large-sized buttons in a single row. Therefore, while the app doesn’t come with comprehensive tutorials or an informative ‘Help’ section, it still doesn’t confuse beginners.

In order to start recording a task, you only need to click the ‘Record’ button. The tool automatically captures everything on the screen, including your navigation on a website, opening a folder or file, and even elaborate actions. Once you’re done capturing the screen, you can stop the recording and click ‘Play’.

TinyTask repeats every action you perform on the screen. If you think the recording is satisfactory, you can click ‘Save’, and subsequently name the macro file. Whenever you wish to repeat the recorded tasks, you can use the saved macros. You need to click the ‘Play’ button and watch as the mouse cursor on the screen moves to carry out the processes.

Just in case the media player automatically starts playing the file, you can close it with the ‘cross’ button’, and choose TinyTask from the ‘Open With’ selection. You can even let the computer choose this option on default, which ensures your media player doesn’t automatically start playing macros.

Does TinyTask create configurable macros?

Like AutoHotKey and Jitbit Macro Recorder, all the recordings from TinyTask can be saved in a REC format on the PC’s hard drive. These can be compiled as EXE files, allowing you to conveniently recreate macros at a later date. With this option, you’re also able to conduct automation tasks in the quickest way possible. It’s worth mentioning that the popular Windows automation tool creates configurable macros.

From the app’s ‘Settings’ panel, you can easily change the play speed, whether fast, slow, or normal. Additionally, you can set the file to playback a specific number of times or continuously. In the ‘Settings’ panel, you’ll also find the option to show or hide tips. With INI files, you can save these settings, saving more of your time. For easier automation, TinyTask lets you set the playback and recording keys within a couple of clicks.

Does TinyTask have a portable version?

Unlike GS Auto Clicker and other similar programs, TinyTask is available in a portable version. Therefore, it allows you to bypass the standard installation process. As such, the program doesn’t affect your computer’s Start menu/screen or Windows registry. It can be conveniently used on any Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 10, or other PCs.

Apart from this, you can carry the file in a USB flash drive, which lets you transfer pre-set configurations of macros without much trouble. Whether you’re working on your PC at home or work, the portable version is an excellent choice to avoid repetitive tasks. While TinyTask is already an excellent time-saving tool, the portable file is the perfect choice for people working on multiple devices or computers.

Does TinyTask offer good support?

Unfortunately, TinyTask doesn’t offer good support. However, with such a lightweight program, you won’t face too many hiccups. The simple interface, straightforward features, and ease-of-use allow you to use the application without much trouble. While there’s a ‘Help’ section in the app, it’s not too comprehensive and provides you with basic information about creating macros.

Having said that, the program is ideal for both beginners and experienced users. The app rarely crashes or lags, and keeps running in the background without taking up too much memory or CPU usage. Without a doubt, TinyTask is a useful software for anyone trying to automate repetitive tasks on Windows PCs.

Since TinyTask is only available for Windows operating systems, you can’t use the program on Mac, iOS, or Android. However, the developer keeps updating the software, and in future releases, you could expect support for different devices and operating system versions. The latest installment of the program doesn’t have any bugs, and you can start using it instantly.

Hassle-free, quick, and lightweight

Overall, TinyTask download can help you save a good amount of time, which you’d have otherwise spent on repetitive tasks. It’s a lightweight program, which doesn’t require a lot of system resources. With minimal memory and CPU usage, TinyTask provides easy and quick automation for Windows computers. You simply need to record to create macros, which can be executed with hotkeys. While carrying out repetitive processes, TinyTask is a useful tool to reduce the number of clicks and manual work.


  • Simple and clean interface
  • Lightweight app
  • Records actions to create macros
  • Good response time


  • Lack of comprehensive help section
  • Requires some time to learn

Older versions

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TinyTask for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.77
  • 3.7
  • (2614)
  • Security Status

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